Building The Right Bike For You

Building The Right Bike For You
Finding the right bike is a nuanced process that extends beyond mere brand recognition. It's about discovering the best product for your specific needs and preferences. Whether you're a dedicated commuter, weekend adventurer, or aspiring competitive cyclist. Here we explain why HOSKING has become the best bike on the market and explain how we made decisions to make this possible.
While weight is often emphasised in cycling circles, it's crucial to recognise that a bike's overall quality encompasses a multitude of factors beyond its mass. Comfort, handling, cornering ability, durability, and aerodynamics all play pivotal roles in shaping the riding experience. Prioritising these aspects ensures that the bike performs well holistically, leading to a more fulfilling cycling journey.

Comparative Analysis: Weight vs. Price of HOSKING HR and Major Bike Brands

Understanding Bike Quality: Beyond Weight

In cycling, the weight of a bike often takes centre stage for many enthusiasts. It really shouldn't. Pete Muir, journalist at Cyclist Magazine said it best when he wrote: "Weight matters a lot if, say, you are deciding who should go at the top of a human pyramid. But when it comes to bicycles, weight doesn’t matter nearly as much as we think it does."

Pete's full article, Bike Weight Doesn't Matter, is worth reading.

In their evaluations of the 2023 Aero and All-Rounder bikes, prioritised the holistic ownership experience, considering both quantitative metrics and qualitative aspects for rider satisfaction. Among the standout performers was the 3T Strada, renowned for its agile performance with 30mm tires, leading the pack with a weight of 8.16kg and a price of $13,500. Close contenders included the Canyon SystemSIX (8.5kg) and BMC Timemachine (7.99kg), emphasising the importance of a balanced approach to performance and value.

Despite its light weight of 7.5kg, the Trek Madone found itself in 15th place, showcasing its emphasis on marketability over pure performance. This highlights the significance of considering factors beyond mere weight when assessing a bike's true excellence.

As a veteran professional cyclist with 13 years of experience, I understand that true excellence in bikes transcends mere weight considerations. It's about prioritizing factors like comfort, handling, cornering, and control, which form the foundation of an exceptional riding experience. This ethos is exemplified in the design and development of the HOSKING HR, a bike crafted with a keen understanding of the nuanced needs of cyclists.

Components and Features: What Matters Most

When assessing a bike's quality, the components and features it boasts are paramount. At HOSKING, we spare no expense in equipping our bikes with top-tier components from renowned brands like SRAM and Vision. In 2023, the three biggest men's races were all won by teams using SRAM and Vision components. Most major women's races were also won by teams using SRAM. These are the gold standard for the bicycle world.

  • Group set: At HOSKING our bikes come with SRAM. The options available are APEX, RIVAL, FORCE, or RED. Each of these options features electronic shifting and is listed in order of price with RED being the most expensive.
  • Gear Ratios: Gear ratios can be overwhelming. Gear ratios define how easy it will be to climb hills and how fast you can go in sprints. At HOSKING we have we have one option for Road bikes and another option for All-Road bikes. We chose the best ratio for generalists. There are also rules for juniors, which further complicate things when making a purchase. If you're thinking of making a purchase, reach out and we can ensure the bike you receive is junior compliant.
  • Handlebars & Wheels: HOSKING high performance bikes come with wheels and handlebars from Vision. Vision is our chosen partner as they have demonstrated consistently that they offer superior quality and value than the alternatives on the market.
  • Tires: The best tires to be riding are more often than not 30mm or 32mm wide tires. Wider tires offer superior control and comfort over their thinner (25mm and 28mm) alternatives.
  • Inclusive Design and Bike Fit

    One of the fundamental pillars of a satisfying cycling experience is proper bike fit. Unfortunately, the cycling industry has historically focused their attention on high-performance 6-foot men. Professionals. Leaving everyone else unable to find suitable options. At HOSKING, inclusivity is at the forefront of our design philosophy. We're the only brand designing our bikes around riders between 5"4 and 5"11 to ensure optimal comfort, performance, and enjoyment for riders. Our geometry and choice of components has been tailored to fit the proportions of riders in this range.

    Value: Making Informed Choices

    Appearances can be deceiving. Despite the grandeur of the Tour de France, securing a spot for a bike brand down to their marketing budget, not the intrinsic quality of their bicycles. The significant financial investment required for visibility in such a high-profile event is often what drives the exorbitant fees associated with bikes like the Trek Madone. Don't be fooled by the name; what you're paying for is often just a hefty marketing campaign.

    Let's not forget the insightful independent bike rankings for 2023 by In a surprising turn, a $13,500 bike claimed the top spot, showcasing that price doesn't always correlate with performance. Conversely, the heavily marketed Trek Madone found itself at the bottom of the list, despite its staggering price tag of $26,379. This serves as a stark reminder that brand recognition and marketing hype don't always translate to superior quality and value. Again, I agree completely. I raced the final two years of my professional career with Trek-Segafredo (now Lidl-Trek) on a Madone and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

    Since 2019, major bike brands have unabashedly inflated their prices by ~26% and made cycling one of the least accessible activities in the world. If you can't be satisfied with a bike unless it sets you back more than $20,000 and you're considering a Madone, you should look at the FELT AR instead.

    If you're looking for a world-class bike that delivers outstanding value, then HOSKING is your best bet. We paired a world-class frameset that has been race proven in professional races, with the very best componentry available, and are delivering it for the best price possible. That is what we committed to when we started this company because it is exactly what the cycling world needs right now. By prioritising these considerations, cyclists can ensure that they're investing in a bike that not only meets their immediate needs but also delivers long-term value and satisfaction.

    At HOSKING, we're committed to offering exceptional bikes at competitive prices, providing cyclists with the best possible combination of performance, reliability, and value. Explore our range today to discover a world of cycling excellence that's designed to elevate every ride.

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