Empowering the Future: The HOSKING Women in Sport Sponsorship Program

Empowering the Future: The HOSKING Women in Sport Sponsorship Program

Dear Aspiring Female Athlete,

We invite you to embark on a transformative journey with the HOSKING Women in Sport Sponsorship Program – a unique opportunity that goes beyond sponsorship, designed to elevate your athletic prowess, boost your profile, and connect you with the best in the sports world.

What's in it for you?


The HOSKING HR2 AXS, is an elite bicycle crafted for precision and speed. As a chosen participant, we will give you this state-of-the-art bike to continue pursuing your cycling.


  • Groupset: SRAM RIVAL components with electronic shifting technology.
  • Wheels: Matte Black HOSKING Aluminium
  • Handlebars: FSA Omega Compact


Personal Guidance

Touch points with Chloe Hosking, where you can discuss your training, race strategies, academic pursuits, and overall development. This is your chance to receive insights directly from someone who has climbed to the highest echelons of professional cycling and to ensure success both on and off the bike.

Guidance sessions:

  • Up to six one of one sessions with Chloe throughout the year to discuss cycling, sport, school, and life.

Visibility Amplified

Through social media collaboration with Chloe and HOSKING Bikes, your profile will have greater reach and opportunity for growth.

    Connecting With Champions

    The program isn't just about cycling – it's about creating connections with the best in the sports industry. We will leverage our relationships to organise for you to meet with professional athletes and Olympians from cycling and other sports. We believe that through these opportunities you will gain valuable insights and inspiration that can fuel your own journey to greatness.

    How Can You Be a Part of This Extraordinary Opportunity?

    Express your interest today: Application Form

    What Is Expected of You?

    Brand Representation

    Simply put, I don't ride as much as used to. I am looking for active participants in the community to represent my brand and our values.


    • Participate in races, training rides, and other community events on your HOSKING HR2 AXS.
    • Actively promote HOSKING Bikes on your social media platforms, sharing your experiences, training sessions, and race highlights
    • Speak positively about the HOSKING brand, embodying the commitment to empower women in sports through their public representation.
    • Sponsored athletes are encouraged to passionately champion women, advocate for women in sports, and vocally support women's sports initiatives.

    Content Creation

    Actively contribute to content creation, sharing stories and training insights:

    • Deliver one collaborative post every fortnight in partnership with HOSKING Bikes.
    • Collaborate with HOSKING Bikes on one post they create and collaborate with you on every fortnight.


    We are seeking constructive feedback on the HOSKING HR range and are asking that you help improve product design and performance.


    Active engagement from sponsored athletes is pivotal, as the program operates on a reciprocal basis – the more you invest in participation, the more you'll reap in terms of personal growth, mentorship, and networking opportunities.

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