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Fully-Integrated Cockpit

Fully-Integrated Cockpit

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Integrated Handlebar: VISION HB METRON 5D ACR EVO

The 5D EVO retains all the aspects that made the 5D family unique, starting from the 10° forward angle, which is useful for improving breathing during the toughest climbs, to the integrated cable routing introduced in 2019 with the ACR version. However, it has been updated to be even lighter, weighing only 320g, while simultaneously increasing stiffness and vibration absorption capacity. The goal is to efficiently transfer maximum control of the bike over every inch of asphalt for the cyclist. Aerodynamics have also been enhanced, lowering the stack by 1.5cm. But the focus wasn't solely on creating the perfect handlebar for racing; it was also on making it the best for passionate cyclists who want to experience the dream of riding like their champions, without having a product overly focused on pure performance. That's why the ergonomics were modified, introducing an additional size and adjusting the grip depth (L-XL), so everyone can feel perfectly comfortable on the bike.

Headset: NO. 55R 1.5" ACR STD

The ACR/STD NO.55R from FSA is an integrated headset for tapered steerer with a diameter of 1 1/8" - 1 1/2" on frames with 1.5" head tube.

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